Henry Sokolowski


Henry Sokolowski

Henry Sokolowski lives in Upper Moreland Township in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. He is a member of the township's Environmental Action Committee and has served in financial positions on the Upper Moreland Hatboro Joint Sewer Authority board. This page provides an overview of what is currently known about the activities in which Henry Sokolowski has been involved during the 2010s and 2020s.

After he became aware of this data, Henry was offered the opportunity to better explain the origin and destination of his funds so that his comments could be posted here, but he declined.

It is expected that a significant amount of information exists to prove the origin and desination of those funds that is not yet public. This document will be updated when more information becomes available.

Last updated: December 23, 2020



Christopher Sokolowski

I have been aware of the information described in this document for over a year, but so far have kept silent on the matter. I understand that it is uncommon for someone to release data such as what is presented below. However, I now believe that the extraordinary nature of the circumstances has created an ethical obligation to protect the freedom and finances of family members, friends, and the Upper Moreland Township taxpayer. This information is being presented as clearly as possible so that associates of Henry can make use it to inform their financial decisions.

I have spent considerable time selecting the exact language used below, have removed anything about which I do not have 100% confidence, and I am so certain of the truthfulness of this information that I would testify to it under penalty of perjury. If you find that I have made any mistakes, please contact me at chris@shoemakervillage.org.

-Christopher Sokolowski



On December 31, 2019, Jean Sokolowski moved out of the marital house and filed for divorce against Henry Sokolowski. Henry continues to live in the house they own in Huntingdon Valley while Jean has moved to State College. While Jean had been unhappy in her marriage, Jean's immediate reason for departure was because she could no longer trust Hank’s explanations for his behavior, and she was worried about being implicated in criminal activity. Creating a legal separation from a possible indictment is why she has not agreed to counseling.


Assets and debts

As of December 23, 2020, at least $1,070,898.78 of assets (December 23, 2020 valuation) are unaccounted for:

Additionally, Henry incurred the following debts:

Henry was unable to gain access to a bank account and to a retirement account in Jean's name, and those accounts remain funded.


False stories

Henry falsely claimed to Jean that he had been involved in a bad business deal with a jeweler in the Cayman Islands who was going to open a new jewelry store in Montreal. He claimed that the nonexistent deal had not only cost him his life savings but that it had also caused him to accrue credit card debt. He stated that the credit card debt was incurred trying to recover the lost savings. Further, he stated that the jeweler contracted COVID-19 and died of the disease in March 2020.

There have been only two deaths in the Cayman Islands caused by COVID-19 as of December 23, 2020, and neither victim matches the jeweler's description (link to mention of death totals.)

During a January 23, 2020 conversation between Christopher and his former financial advisor Michelle Keates (who also used to be Henry’s financial advisor), Keates asked Christopher how Diane McElderry's (Henry's sister's) medical treatment was progressing. Unaware of the context of the question, Christopher responded that he was not aware of any hospitalization. Michelle Keates informed Christopher, in a contradiction from Henry's earlier claim about the Cayman Islands, that Henry said he had been withdrawing money from his IRA to care for his ill sister. When asked if she were ill, Diane McElderry stated to Stephen that her medical insurance would cover the cost of treatment if she became sick.


Temporary rescue

On October 25, 2019, Henry called his sons Stephen and Christopher and relayed the story about the jeweler, telling them that he could not pay off his debts with his monthly pension check. After refusing the initial request to pay the debt in his name through a secured loan, Henry requested that they provide him with a smaller unsecured loan so that he could at least pay off debts accrued in Jean's name. Stephen and Christopher discussed with Henry and Jean over the next few days a way to provide such a loan, but they could not come to an agreement before Jean traveled to a previously scheduled "Girls' weekend" in Las Vegas.

On October 30, 2019, Henry sent the following message to Christopher:

I’m exhausted and moving on help ur mother . I ll separate or divorce and make it clear for the courts if it goes that far . I’m not saying this to seek sympathy. I don’t want any harm to come to u guys or mom . It was clearly my mistake and I’ll find a way out.

On November 3, 2019, Henry called the sons again with a new proposal that the sons purchase a share in his house so that he could pay off all of of his debts. The sons declined as they did not want to own real estate and because they would become the second lienholder on the property, behind the $140,000 mortgage.

On November 11, 2019, Henry and the sons agreed to work out a plan to rescue Jean from the debts Henry had accrued in her name. At the time, Henry apologized for his behavior and stated he wanted to make things better. The rescue plan that was agreed was the following:

Despite his promise, Henry has so far made no payments towards Jean's Prius loan and has stated that he does not intend to make any payments against this loan. The balance due on the Audi loan was, as of December 23, 2020, $27,270.09 with eight months of missed payments. The Audi loan has been in default for the entire history of the contract. Henry receives a pension of $120,000 annually ($8,800.00 monthly after taxes); the loan payment is $1,535.50/month.

Henry Sokolowski has applied for and been approved for a pandemic-related program to temporarily suspend mortgage payments. This is despite his pension income being unchanged by the pandemic. Henry has expressed that Christopher and Stephen are uncaring for not providing him financial relief from his car loan even though the pandemic has not changed his income or expenses.

Twice, Christopher contacted repossession agents to obtain the car but did not go forward both times after Henry paid some of the amount owed (even though he is still far in default.) In December 2020, Christopher again threatened repossession, but this time Henry refused to pay.


Assistance to Jean

Jean has less than $9,000 remaining in her checking account and is paying rent for her current accommodations while Henry continues to live in the marital house at 2010 Butternut Drive. The marital house is estimated to be worth $450,000. Earlier in 2020, Henry said to Stephen that he was looking for an apartment to which to relocate. On December 16, 2020, Henry stated that he wanted to continue living in the house and driving his car and will not provide any stipend to Jean. On December 19, 2020, Henry again stated that he wanted to move out of the house.

In addition to the $50,000 in loans, Stephen and Christopher gave Jean $10,800 as a gift to pay for her first eight months of rent while she got her life back together. Stephen and Christopher also paid to furnish the new property at a cost of $5,000 and spent $5,000 in legal fees to determine how to best shield themselves and their business from Henry's behavior. Stephen took on liability as a co-signer for Jean’s tenancy since Jean's credit score had been destroyed by the large debts Henry had racked up on the credit cards he stole from her. This co-signing liability continues as of December 2020.

The total amount outlaid by Stephen and Christopher is estimated to be at least $71,500. Much of the money was expected to be recovered, but on December 19, 2020, Henry made a final statement that he has no intention of repaying the $42,500 for which he is liable (see "Messages to family members.")


History with women

In the mid-2010s, Henry revealed to Jean that he had granted Donna LaRosa, a woman from Willow Grove, $36,000 of unsecured loans that LaRosa had not repaid as of December 23, 2020. The loans were provided from marital assets without Jean's knowledge. Since the destination of this $36,000 is known, it is in addition to the money that is listed as missing in the "Assets and debts" section.

In the late 2010s, while Jean and Henry were still together, Henry told Jean that he was browsing dating sites, which Jean asked him to stop doing. He said that he had never had sex with another woman and that his use of the dating sites was solely to meet people to make money and to help people out. Later, Henry told Jean that he was going to Philadelphia International Airport to meet a woman to receive something of value.

In September 2019, Jean became angry with Henry and pounded her fist on their kitchen table, demanding that Henry stop going out, but Henry continued to do so. At the time, Jean had started to become aware that money had gone missing but did not know how much money was unaccounted for.

In late October 2019, a few days before Henry asked Stephen and Christopher for money, Henry stole Jean's credit cards and used them to purchase thousands of dollars of bitcoins. After publication of this document, Henry disputed the characterization of this action as "theft," on the grounds that he did not actually take the credit cards out of Jean's wallet; he had only overspent cards that had been given to him to use to buy food and other items. The reason for the purchases and where the money currently is are not able to be identified with information presently known.


Stolen credit cards

During the early 2010s, Henry claimed that his own credit cards were also repeatedly stolen by someone else. Christopher had noticed unusual transactions on the statements from stores that he did not know Henry to frequent. When asked, Henry explained that he did not recognize those transactions either and that they were fraudulent. Many of the transactions occurred at the In and Out Express Food Market in Hatboro, PA and were for the same amount, slightly less than $10.

Henry stated that he repeatedly canceled cards and called their fraud departments, but the transactions continued for at least several years. Stephen and Christopher never saw Henry visit the In And Out Express nor did he ever tell them he had visited the store.


Use of additional phone

Henry purchased a second cell phone to which Jean did not have access. Henry stated that it was his "business phone."

Henry spent a significant amount of time on the phone and would frequently disappear to answer phone calls. When he visited Christopher's house, he would often go for long walks. On February 2, 2018, when the outdoor temperature was 9°F, Henry walked around the neighborhood for more than one hour while talking on the phone.

Henry, nearly daily, would leave in the afternoon or evening, reportedly to visit the "drug store" or the "liquor store." He would return hours later, sometimes missing dinner.


Sprint phones incident

In June 2019, Christopher visited a Verizon Wireless store to obtain a SIM card for Stephen’s new cell phone. Henry authorized Christopher to access the family cell phone plan (which was in Henry’s name) to obtain the SIM card. The Verizon Wireless representative looked up the account, and while entering information, the representative noticed two past Verizon Wireless bills of over $13,000 each and remarked that he had never seen a bill that large before. Christopher could not explain the billing situation, but since the bill was paid, Christopher did not concern himself with the issue and just obtained the SIM card.

In October 2019, Henry suggested to Stephen and Christopher that they change cell providers to Sprint stating that he was unhappy with Verizon because their service was too expensive. Because Henry’s credit score was so poor, he could not get approved for a Sprint account, so Jean opened the account in her name. The account included six phones: to Jean Sokolowski, Henry Sokolowski (2 phones), Christopher Sokolowski, Rita Wilkowski (Jean’s sister), and Stephen Sokolowski.

On January 2, 2020, Sprint terminated service and froze the phone numbers on the account. Sprint sent the following letter (click to enlarge):

Sprint termination letter.

Henry stated that someone gained unauthorized access to Jean's account and ordered four phones. However, the phones were actually to be shipped to Henry's house. Stephen called Sprint's legal department four times for more information but was unable to talk to anyone about the issue. Because Stephen was unable to contact Sprint, he could not get the phone numbers released, and the phone numbers that all family members, including Rita Wilkowski, had held for two decades had to be abandoned.

On the day of the service termination, Christopher received a voicemail with an automated message from Sprint. The voicemail stated that someone had contacted Sprint from Henry’s phone number but that an authorization code was needed to make changes to Jean’s account, and the voicemail included said authorization code. When Henry was asked to explain why his phone was used to contact Sprint, he admitted that he had met with someone online with whom he was working to earn money by receiving and then re-shipping cell phones. He stated that he wanted to use this income to pay his debts.

Henry's behavior cost an estimated 100 hours of labor to resolve money issues, to obtain new providers and phone numbers, to change two-factor authentication codes, and to notify people and corporations of the new numbers.

Rita Wilkowski was without phone service for two weeks as a result of the incident because of technical problems setting up new service for her, and she had to call tens of contacts to update them with her new number.

Jean Sokolowski, who was 100% liable for the account, was billed over $4,000, and collections agencies have contacted her multiple times for payment.

After Sprint terminated the phone plan, Henry returned to Verizon Wireless for his phone service.


Civil actions

Henry is listed as the defendant in at least three civil actions in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The actions are listed at this link. One action, with American Express National Bank as plaintiff, asks for a $25,000 judgement. A second case for a different amount also lists American Express as plaintiff.

A third civil action for divorce where Jean is suing Henry has also been ongoing since January 2020. This action started in Centre County but was delayed when the parties agreed to negotiate. The negotiations broke down over Henry's $120,000/year pension from the Federal government. Henry stated that he was unwilling to accept any settlement that involved reducing his pension, and Jean disagreed.

Henry asked Stephen and Christopher for loans to hire a lawyer for the divorce case, but they declined. Henry is listed as a pro se defendant on that case.

Henry is in possession of a large amount of data that is expected to reveal critical details about his credit card purchases and bank transfers between 2017 and 2019. He stated multiple times that he would waste as much of Jean's time and money as possible, and he didn't respond to Jean's lawyer's request in May 2020 to produce these receipts. The request is still outstanding six months later. A "Motion to Compel" has been filed in the court to order Henry to produce the documents, to pay attorney's fees required to file the motion, and to sanction him for his noncompliance.



On January 2, 2018, Henry contacted Christopher asking for a short-term loan of 17 ether (valued $16,000 at the time) for "an opportunity." Henry would not explain further. Christopher trusted that Henry would pay him back and provided Henry with the loan (click for link to transaction.) Henry stated that Christopher would be repaid "next week", but after Christopher contacted Henry multiple times asking for repayment, Henry finally responded that he would send Christopher dollars so that Christopher could re-buy the ether himself. Christopher has been contacted multiple times by Henry since that incident to purchase and/or loan him additional cryptocurrencies, which Christopher has declined to do.

In October 2019, Henry contacted Stephen and asked for the bitcoin wallet address that holds Stephen's life savings. When pressed later, Henry said that he was having trouble with exchanges setting up a bitcoin wallet, and he wanted Stephen to receive the money. It was not clear whether the money was to be retransmitted or stored for Henry. Stephen declined.

In 2020, Henry stated that he purchased bitcoins frequently but at the same time claimed he had little money. There is no evidence to suggest that his debts have been paid off even though bitcoins have appreciated greatly. The price of bitcoins rose from $10,000 to $24,000 in 2020 alone.

Later in 2020, Henry asked Stephen for help in setting up exchange accounts to purchase bitcoins, but Henry has also stated that the fees for his bitcoin purchases are 9%. The licensed exchange market is very competitive, and fees at the popular licensed exchange Bittrex are 0.2%. Only exchanges that are not competing in this market, such as unlicensed money transmission businesses that do not retain records of destination addresses, can charge fees as high as 9% and still gain customers.


Additional loans

On August 13, 2020, Henry repeatedly asked Stephen for another $5,000 unsecured loan, which Stephen declined because Henry's other Audi loan was still in default.

Henry stated that he has additional outstanding unsecured private debts. The amount currently owed to these private individuals is not known nor is it known to whom these other debts are owed. The names of the other creditors are likely to be revealed in 2021 through discovery proceedings in the pending civil actions.


Banking problems and tax issues

Henry owes additional back taxes to Upper Moreland Township, which accrued after the previous back taxes were paid in the "temporary rescue." He stated on December 19, 2020 that he had no intention of paying the taxes. The taxes owed are $6,800 and will increase on January 1, 2021 due to penalties and collection costs. The tax office stated that another lien would be placed against the house if the taxes were not paid soon.

Henry has had many bank accounts during 2020. Henry has sent checks from no fewer than 4 different banks to pay Christopher for the car loan. Two of Henry's checks have bounced, and he stated that he changes banks frequently because he doesn't like their services. In December 2020, Henry said that the Office of Personnel Management was unable to deposit his pay into his account until 15 days later because one of his accounts was closed the previous month. The manager of Chase Bank sent a letter on Henry's behalf stating that there was an unspecified problem with his account that had resulted in a freeze of his funds. In December 2020 alone, Henry sent three checks to Christopher, all of which he later stated should not be cashed. One of those checks bounced (click to enlarge):

Bounced check

Twice, Henry called Stephen and asked him to review bank websites to determine if the websites looked like the banks were fraudulent.

In the 2010s, Henry and Jean gave a loan to a family member for a business deal, and the business failed in 2019. The family member repaid Henry and Jean despite the business’s failure, but Henry desired to take a deduction from the IRS for a loss. In addition, Henry sent Jean a draft of a joint tax filing, which included deductions stating that nearly every piece of furniture in the marital house – chairs, tables, desks, couches, and beds - had been donated to charity despite at least one of the deducted items - a wooden rocking horse - currently being in Jean’s possession. The disagreement over deductions led to the two filing their 2019 taxes separately. The separate filing angered Henry because he claimed that the separate filing caused him to owe more in taxes regardless of whether the deductions were included. It is not known whether Henry actually filed the improper tax return.

This rocking horse was proposed to be deducted in the taxes (click to enlarge):

Rocking horse

In August 2020, Henry received a deposit from the Ohio Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Fund, but there is no knowledge of Henry's having ever lived in or having recently visited Ohio.

Out of fear of police action, Stephen and Christopher have told Henry that they were not going to risk being in the same location as him until one year after he could better explain his multiple bank accounts, how his Ohio Pandemic Unemployment Assistance deposit came about, and where the bitcoins he has purchased have been spent or saved. Additionally, they required that he cut contact with the people he claimed were involved in the Cayman Islands scam as a condition of meeting. The purpose of not seeing him was to eliminate all ties to themselves in the case of a criminal investigation. Because Henry again claimed in early December 2020 that he expected to be able to get enough money to pay off the house and car loans by the end of the month without explaining where that money would come from, Stephen and Christopher will not see him in person until at least 2022.


Messages to family members

This section includes some of the messages and E-Mails that Henry sent to family members that corroborate the statements above. Many of the messages include errors because they were dictated with speech-to-text software. Some messages include explicit language.

2019-12-19 - Henry to Stephen - Threat to destroy computer equipment in his house
And if you guys upset my wife any further I said my wife not your mother my wife I will destroy us I will come after you with a vengeance in someway somehow I still love you but she’s my wife and if you miss lead her or put it on the wrong path and Cioci here’s what I have to say and let her make her own decision I will I’ll do everything to you as I get that fucking equipment and put it out on the street do you want it there I put it there don’t get me angry be my sons that’s all I want you to be you’ll get your money
2020-03-07 - Henry to Stephen - Admits to wasting Jean's time and "punishing" her
Steve I understand but given no relief I will need to do something and maybe that’s pay u guys let the divorce sit and when I’m able to punish ur mother. I will catch up in time and eventually I’ll be able to string mom out and let her pay a ton of money to her lawyer. Your grandfather always told me I did the same thing he did and I know I did I married down . Your mom was barely living above poverty in Richmond and rescued her. After she filed what she sent me with not a single piece of information like the mortgage being considered I HATE HER . I didn’t deserve this. I need at least one son I can trust don’t share my feelings or this with anyone. PLEASE. Your mother has serious mental issues. If u knew about her childhood like I do u might understand. I built our life’s into a fairy tale . Except for being a good mother she was a lousy wage earner and horrible wife . Afraid of her shadow to even ask for a promotion. Please keep this to yourself I will punish her for filing for divorce . Unless she can get some of my money even with my bills I’ll have enough money to drag this thing out forever and make her legal costs so high she’ll give in eventually that’s what I’ll do I’ll destroyer I am so angry at her
2020-04-14 - Henry to Stephen - Admits to the $15,000 loan agreement, but now using it in divorce
Steve might you got understand mom has chosen a path that was never expected by filing for divorce he is chosen to accuse me of everything now she’s going to send me 70 questions to answer to try to quit incriminate me which is ridiculous but she won’t end and then at the same time she’s not paying anything OK she still owns this house she still owns this house I don’t own what she’s she took out but she owns this house and she owes me money for now that will be part of the negotiations OK and I’m not paying a bill that she sign for because she signed for if she was stupid enough to sign for it that’s no problem because times of changed it wasn’t that way before it is that way now I’m going to crucify her I told you that she’s going to pay money like she’s never seen before when it comes to the lawsuitAnd as far as your money I asked you for May 22 I think it was that date I want to know the full amount I/O you cause I’m gonna pay Zora off OK at least a 35 and maybe the 50 I’ll decide on that depending on how fair mom as if mom decides to stick to this ridiculous and I say ridiculous proposal and put it to me I’m gonna put it to her to 15,000 is going to be her responsibility not mine regardless of what I said it’s now legal it wasn’t legal before legal legal with lawyers
2020-04-16 - Henry to Stephen - Henry admits to buying bitcoins
Steve just for your information I got a question say from your mothers lawyer oh my God she is going to be overwhelmed with paper I’m just printing her every page of what she wants and she’s gonna have to figure it out it’s gonna take her a month to figure all this out pages and pages of bitcoin transactions and all this kind of stuff I don’t even think she knows what they are I can’t figure them out so she’s gonna have one hell of a time she’s going to charge mom through the nose good for her mom deserves it she’s getting her way. I don’t think even you guys could figure this out I’m praying out what Crackin what what I sold on crack and I like that she’ll never figure this out never not in 1 million years she’s going to have to get an education bitcoin to be able to figure this out I love it I love it I’m gonna drive the lawyer nuts
2020-07-01 - Henry to Stephen - Henry disowns and threatens Christopher
Steve I told your brother how I feel if he doesn’t like it and he doesn’t want to get paid on July 1 fine fucking come get the car I don’t care take it - Chris is really considerate guy fuck him that’s all I said to him fuck him I don’t even want to talk to him he’s no son of mine
2020-07-16 - Henry to Stephen - Henry threatens to call Rita Wilkowski
Steve one more thing assuming the case is brought down here not only with mom have to be on the witness stand I would call Chuckie Rita to the witness stand because Chuck The Tree told me point blank she’s not gonna divorce you OK and that would be something I would sign and swear to because she said it and then they will put it on the witness stand and she would have to either deny it and lie or agree to it so you know these are the reasons why it should be down here I don’t know what mom’s reasons are but I can’t think of a single one Steve now I’m just ran when you can ignore this but your rent check to Rita she’s a bag of wind besides being crazy I saved her son [censored] and you know it you remember that issue [censored] it wasn’t for me [censored] probably well she forgets about that real conveniently though all the things I did for her mother and father making the mattress for the bed up for her mother running all the stuff I did Sheen mom never did a fucking thing for my parents nothing she hardly visited them and when my mom was in a nursing home I think she went maybe three times in the course of a couple years your mom was not the angel you think she was she was lazy ask Her tell her what I said I don’t care ask if she did any of that how many time she visited my mother and father and how much I did for her mother and father ask her who was it for me that house on Richmond street would’ve never been sold away it was like I spent a lot of time over there fixing it up and cleaned it up your mother did too but I was there but she was never with my parents for anything not the house not the cars nothing not even to visit them when they were sick she was never there in fact she was pissed off because they would walk in the house without knocking on the door because they had the key how stupid is that your mom is not as nothing is touching need except she’s not quite there yetBut I think she will be she’s just like her sister except not quite as bad right now and she’s taking advice from her sister to believe me she is
2020-07-23 - Henry to Stephen - Admits to not paying loans, falsely claims dollars not exchanged to bitcoins
Steve NDR IS NATIONAL DEBT RELIEF I’m supposed to be sending $2000 a month for 53 months but the first couple of months there you’ll see I can’t do it because I got the taxes I have to pay so either stop there’s some money in the fund already I got I’m not keeping up with it because of that look at those taxes Steve and where is the money going it’s going to pay all the bills it’s not going out to bitcoins or anything else well I’m not playing with those people how could I can’t buy anything
2020-08-27 - Henry to Stephen - Henry has another bad check
I just sent you both an email or text message rather and told you to not cash that check terret up I dropped Citizens Bank because I don’t like what they were doing I got angry with him so I’ve signed up with Ally bank and it’s going to be a few days later but you’ll get a new check please tell Chris I don’t know if he read the message or not it will be there I have the money but I got to stop the check from going into Citizens and it’s going to go back to OPM and then it’s got to go to Ally bank because I went into a PMs website too late they need salt too much notice to resend it to somewhere else but you’re getting it it’s coming don’t think any other way I have the money for ito
2020-12-19 - Henry to Stephen - Severs ties
Steve all I want is my car and my pension and my stereo equipment mom can have what’s with the house and chicken have anything she wants in the house I don’t give a shit about it I want the grandfather clock that’s all grandfather clock stereo equipment and car and split the house until she has to pay for half of the mortgage and she knows it that’s what I want you talk to where you get your money for your car we’re fucking done with this talking like this I don’t need to worry about you guys anymore I’m done with all of us it’s my problem I made it I know it and I’m getting out of it and that’s all I wanna do it and tell your brother that not to cash that check I’m selling a house fuck it
2020-12-19 - Henry to Stephen - Threatens to destroy pictures

In this message, Henry threatens to destroy his wife's family's images that date from 1918. However, these images were scanned in 2010 and backed up in 3 separate locations.

And now that you got me all excited there’s one thing that you guys will never ever ever get from me unless you come begging and mom to specially mom all the pictures I took all those years of all the places we are at or on my computer and my phone and you will never get them and I’ll destroy the pictures that are there in the house you’ll never get them either so whatever she’s got in terms of pictures that’s all she’s going to ever get over her mother and father I won’t give her any of them none” can’t order me to give up pictures that I took that my property